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How does cross-device work?

To make cross-device possible, Justuno recognizes users who log in with the same email address on multiple devices. We’re able to connect the two touch points using a hashed version of the email address as a shared key. We use a hashed email, which means we don’t see or store the actual address; we just know when two hashed emails are the same. It’s also deterministic, to help ensure that it is accurate.

The great news is that this new feature is enabled by default and there is nothing you or your developer needs to do.

That said, see below if you'd like to utilize a different mechanism for linking accounts.

Custom mechanism for linking accounts:

Some websites may prefer to use their own internal account ID that each logged in user has in order to recognize them across multiple devices. You can override the out of the box email hash method that we use with your own variable.

To do this, you just need to place the following javascript on your website before the Justuno Embed code loads and make sure to replace the [unique-userid] with your own unique ID of the website visitor.

WARNING: If you do not replace the red [unique-userid] portion below with a value that is unique for each unique visitor to your site, you will end up forcing all visitors to share the same profile.