How does cross-device work?

To make cross-device possible, Justuno can recognize users on multiple devices via a supplied user ID of sorts. We’re able to connect the two touch points using a hashed version of this key.

To do this, you just need to place the following javascript on your website before the Justuno Embed code loads and make sure to replace the [unique-userid] with your own unique ID of the website visitor.

window.ju_options = window.ju_options || {};
window.ju_options.userid = "[unique-userid]";

WARNING: If you do not replace the bolded [unique-userid] portion below with a value that is unique for each unique visitor to your site, you will end up forcing all visitors to share the same profile.  Make sure that guest users do not get a default value of "guest" or any other generic value.  If you do not have a unique value for the user please leave it blank or don't place the above Javascript at all.