Exclude Existing Subscribers: Bronto

Some Justuno customers do not want to show a lead capture to their current subscribers prior to Justuno being installed. With Bronto there is a cookie value which is placed on the browser which can be tracked with Justuno targeting rules. This cookie is placed on users who have come to a website from a Bronto email and lasts 20 years on a browser if they have not cleared their cache. This means that this feature does not stop Justuno from showing to ALL current subscribers but should cover a majority of situations as many subscribers will come to the site from an email sometime in their cycle. 

If you use another email marketing company, most likely they place a similar style of cookie. We recommend that you reach out to their support to find out if this is the case! 

Step 1: Create a Justuno Promotion, if haven't done so already you can follow this article for a basic email capture

Step 2: Head to the rules section, if you have a basic rule switch to advancededitrules.pngeditrulerules.pngadvancedmode.png

Step 3: Add in a cookie rule and place in btr_em and change the rule to say does not existrulesbronto.png

Step 4: Hit save and you are all set!

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