iOS Zoom Issue

On iOS, font size is very important. We noticed that mobile users will experience a zoom depending on the font size. This is an inherent issue with iOS and mobile's zoom for fields feature. This means all browsers on iOS. To help combat this, you must ensure the font size for any mobile promo is always set to a minimum of 16px. The font size of 16px or grater helps ensure no zoom issues. This means all browsers on iOS.

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    I need some help with the pre-engagement screen on any mobile promotion.

    When i tap the white bar to type my email address, the keyboard comes up and the promotion automatically goes behind the keyboard, not letting me see what i'm typing, that is my email. I cant see if i'm writing it correctly.

    I tried to do what you said but still the same error.

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    Hi there!

    Thanks for commenting. I see you submitted a support case. 

    Happy to review this and spot out the cause. The concern you mention normally means there is still a layer that has this lower font size. 

    We will find the layer and reach on out with an update via email. 




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