How to Override Turbolinks and Allow Justuno to load on everypage

The use of turbolink or another javascript framework that doesn’t actually reload your entire web page but instead fetches the new content and uses javascript to replace the old content with it on the page can pose problems for many types of third party javascript solutions like Google Analytics, Optimizely, and there is no exception for Justuno here.


The general issue is that our scripts won’t reshow promo that has already been seen on your site again when you have it set to show on each page load because we don’t think you have actually done a new page load.  


Luckily, we have created an pretty easy solution to this problem.  You can reset the same page load variables with this little piece of javascript below.  So as long as you call this JS function whenever you are simulating a new page load, our script will determine based on your targeting rules whether or not to show a promo again under the assumption that a new page has been loaded.



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