How to Create a Mobile Only Pop up

At Justuno we have separated mobile and desktop promotions for more control over design. Your mobile website experience is different so your promotions should be designed accordingly. Here is a walk through on how to create your own mobile specific promotion!

TROUBLESHOOTING TIP FOR NON-RESPONSIVE SITES: If your website is mobile non-responsive, altering the image size to our template will result in the promotion appearing extremely small on your mobile device. To avoid this, create a desktop promotion you would like on mobile and duplicate it to mobile WITHOUT altering the size to fit our mobile template. This will allow you to have a fitted promotion on mobile devices! 

Check out this video or follow the steps below!


Step 1: From your dashboard head to the promotions area.

Step 2: Here you have the option to choose a "pre built promotion" and choose a mobile option which can be the fastest way to get a mobile only promotion running as we apply the rules automatically for you!

Step 3: If you have chosen a prebuilt promotion please skip to step 5. If you would like to set up a promotion with a couple more options choose custom promotion. To collect emails, choose locked promotion, within the settings below make sure you choose mobile! 

Step 4: Hit Create Promotion and choose a template

Step 5: Edit the pop ups text to fit the needs of your promotion. For more information on the design canvas use this article and make sure to set up your coupon code before heading to step 2 of setup! 

Step 6: If you used a prebuilt promotion please skip to step 7. In Step 2 of set up, you are going to add in the rules for your mobile pop up. If this is your first promotion, we recommend adding in the "new visitor" rule. This rule will ask a user to sign up once per session (30 minutes) if they have not already entered in an email. Once they have engaged (an email has been submitted) the promotion will never show to that user again! 

Step 7: Integrate your email marketing application to ensure that all emails flow directly to that service. Here is a link to our integration guides. 

Step 8: Hit publish and your mobile promotion is live!


Troubleshooting tip for Bigcommerce users: BC does not transfer third party javascript to their mobile templates, which means that manual installation of Justuno will need to be implemented on the mobile templates as well. 

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