Data Layer Push for Google Tag Manager

Recently we added an automatic data layer push for google tag manager, this code: 

You can use these event names in this format to define your own custom events and/or event handlers,
but for all intents and purposes the automated dataLayer push calls that are shown below
already capture those attributes and post them to Google Analytics.
Custom event definitions can be useful when you need to distinguish between different possible engagements of the same type within a single promotion,
i.e. multiple CTA layers that have distinctly different engagement scenarios upon click,
but the automated dataLayer push would only capture the generic 'Engagement - Unlocked Click', and no information pushed regarding how many clicks each has as well (can be defined if so desired with your own event listeners or these routes). 

  Impression Event Definitions
  Targeted Overlay
  Tab Click

  // the rest here are engagements
Engagement Event Definitions Engagement - Facebook Engagement - Google Plus Engagement - Twitter Tweet Engagement - Email Signup Engagement - LinkedIn Share Engagement - Twitter Follow Engagement - Pinterest Follow Engagement - Instagram Follow Engagement - Videos Watched Engagement - Incentivized Form Engagement - VK Follow Engagement - Reddit Subscribe Engagement - Google Follow Engagement - LinkedIn Follow Engagement - Unlocked Click Engagement - Intro Continue Click Engagement - Unlocked View Engagement - Plugin
'promoTitle': b,
'promoID': cmid,
'event': 'JustunoImpression'
vs the code for engagements :
'promoEvent': a,
'promoTitle': b,
'promoID': cmid,
'event': 'JustunoEvent'
Will allow you to set up events within your own GTM account that will allow you to track more information or send more information to another resource! 
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