How to test Justuno on your website

Is Justuno not appearing on your website? Or not appearing correctly? Follow these steps to clear your user session and test the promotion! If you are testing on mobile, please follow these steps as well! Because of our new user session platform, testing in incognito windows will no longer give you a new session.


STEP 1: If you are not already logged into your Justuno account, please log in


STEP 2: Head to your website, find the JU icon on the right side of your website. If you do not see if please refresh the site and make sure you are logged into your Justuno account! Don't worry, users will NOT see this icon on your site, only someone who is logged into your Justuno account can see it!



STEP 3: Click on the green icon and hit “reset user profile”


STEP 4: Refresh your site and take the steps you’ve set in the rules for the pop up to show! For example, if you have a rule set to show after ten seconds on the first page wait ten seconds and it will appear!

 When on mobile, take the same steps of signing into Justuno and opening up another tab. This way you see the same JU icon.



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