What is the Intro Tab?

Research has shown that adding a micro commitment to your overlay can increase sign ups, it tends to make users feel more secure about signing up! You can use the Intro Tab feature to install this set up. 


Step 1: Head to your design canvas

Step 2: Hit add intro tab. When the tab is added the Yes No Buttons are automatically added, you can edit the color and look but do not delete the buttons! 

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    Sujit Mohanty

    Hi Jenna,


    Thanks for the nice article. I have a question about the intro tab. Once I have added an intro tab, if I decide to get rid of this tab, then what do I need to do?



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    Hi Sujit, 


    The Intro Tab is designed for a micro engagement with a "yes and no" feature. If you decide to remove this tab, then this feature will be removed and you will only have the pre-engagement screen asking a customer for their email! 


    Hope this helps! 

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