Steps in Designing your own Tab

When arriving on your Justuno design canvas for the first time you'll notice that your tab looks pretty average. Lets walk through some of the ways you can upgrade your tab to fit organically to your site! 

Here is a video on how to design your own tab, or follow the steps below!

1. Change text: Highlight the text you would like to update then head to the floating edit bar that appears. To the left you'll find all the simple editing tools: font, text color, text size, underline, bold ...

2. Change Size: This function is a little hidden, but once you find it you can customize the size! 

3. Change the Shape: You can change the size of the border and rounded corners in the same drop down menu as the size. When you scroll over the icons you can see which icon change what! Play around a little to see what fits. 

4. Change the background color: To change the background color select the tab and head to background. Hit the drop down menu and use the color selector. 

5. Change the Position: The position buttons are located to the left. Use these buttons to configure the position. You are also able to tweak the positioning of the tab with the pixel drop down menu to get it in just the right place. 

6. Upload your own design: Don't want a simple tab? Use the background image uploader to upload a custom graphic! 

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