Individual Promotion Reporting

This article will explain the best way to review the reports for individual promotions.

Step 1. Highlight the desired promotion you wish to review. Simply click on the promotion name to highlight.

Step 2. Click on View Report.


Here you will have the option to review your Account Usage and Conversion Tracking.

  • Account Usage will help you review the Total Impressions and Unique Session Engagements. This helps you see how many customers saw the promotion, engaged, and emails captured. You have control of the date rage. 
  • Usage Types appears below the first graph. This section will contain the different types of engagements your promotions is tied to.
    • Incentivized forms: When you set up your email capture or form capture in step one of set up, this is the type of integration listed
    • Emails: (example below) is listed when you have set up a basic email capture and integrated your email marketing system in step 3
    • Unlocked Click Engagement: This is slightly mislabeled. This engagement can appear when you have a CTA on a locked or unlocked offer, or when a coupon code is clicked on the post engagement, or when you have a unlocked offer and a coupon code layer is clicked. This will never appear if someone closes the promotion. 
    • Unlocked View Engagement: This will appear when you have an unlocked offer and someone views the promotion for more than 8 seconds 
    • Intro Continue Clicks: This will appear when someone clicks on a "yes" button on an intro tab that is leading a customer to the pre engagement screen. This DOES NOT count toward your overall engagements 



  • Conversion Tracking, will give you the option to see the assisted conversions and the assisted revenue for both outside the visit and the same visit. Below these graphs you will notice a deeper break down by type. 
  • Assisted conversions/Revenue are the conversion and revenue that the Justuno app helped out with. Meaning the user engaged with a Justuno popup and or used the listed coupon the same visit or a later visit.
  • Non assisted conversions are conversion that occurred using no Justuno route.convert.png


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