Individual Promotion Reporting

How to: Generate Analytics Reports For Individual Promotions


Step 1: Select a promotion by clicking anywhere in an open space on the row that lists the promotion.

Step 2: Click on the View Report button, which remains grayed-out until a promotion row has been selected.




Step 3: Understanding what data the report lists off can be understood by visiting the following article: Justuno Term Breakdown.


For general information regarding our Analytics dashboard, the following articles explains each section: 

NOTE: The following articles refer to viewing promotion-wide analytics, and are not to be treated as a continuation of the individual promotion reporting feature that this article covered above.
  1. Exit Analytics
  2. Source Analytics
  3. Landing Analytics
  4. Promotions Analytics
  5. Country Analytics
  6. Conversion Analytics
  7. Cart Abandonment Analytics
  8. Emails Collected Analytics



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