How to create an informational pop up

If you want a single message to display on one screen, this can be done with a Unlocked promotion.


Step 1. From your dashboard head to your promotions section.

Step 2. On the top left hand side of the screen click on New Promotion then Custom Promotion.

Step 3. Here you'll find four options. Select Unlocked promotion.​ For more information on these options click here What do these four options mean?

Step 4. Enter a promotion name, the device type and click Create Promotion.



Step 1. Select a design that has what you are looking for. Remember each of these templates are just a starting point, our design canvas allows you to change any aspect of our templates! 

Step 2. When the design appears, you will only see a Post-Engagement Screen.

Step 3. Edit as you wish.



If you want to edit a tab for the promotion, click on the Tab Settings on the left and choose to see the promotion for the preview. For more information click here What is the tab feature?

Step 4. Proceed to your Rules section to add the way the promotion will trigger and publish when ready.

You are all set with your Single message popup.

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