How to Create a two Step Promotion

If you are wanting to provide a customer with a code after providing their email and a separate code for following a social platform, a two step promotion will be necessary. This can work vise versa or with other content you wish to display.

Step 1: From your dashboard head to your promotions section

Step 2: On the top left hand side of the screen find New Promotion

Step 3: Here you will want to click on Custom Promotion.

Step 4: Choose a Locked version, select desktop and click Create Promotion. After you've finished creating your desktop promotion you can duplicate it for mobile using this article. 

Step 5: Choose a template. If you select a template without an intro screen, you will want to click on "Add Intro Screen" (this is to the left of the Pre-Engagement Screen tab)


Once you have all 3 tabs (Intro Screen, Pre-Engagement Screen, Post-Engagement Screen), you will need to do the following:

Step 1: Delete any Email Form fields that is not located on the Intro Screen. This will allow you to add an Email Form some where else because our system does not allow two email capture forms in one promotion. 
Step 2: You can delete the "Yes" and "No" Box that is automatically displayed in the Intro Screen. Just ensure you have an option for users to close the popup if they don't wish to participate. (This is a Close Button layer with text)


Step 3: You will then want to add the Email Form on the Intro Screen. This will prompt you to select the type of integration you would like for your form.


 After you have created the Intro Screen to your liking with extra text, you can continue with the rest of the tabs.

Step 1: You will want to add a "Unique Coupon Box" layer to the Pre-Engagement Screen. This is to show the coupon for entering in an email. On the right hand side you will see the "Coupon Options". Here you can add the coupon code, if you are having trouble editing the coupon code layer use this article. 

Step 2: Add the social media button of your choosing, and enter your URL in the right side under "Standard Options".

Step 3: Add the extra text and proceed to the last tab.


For the last tab you will want the following: 

Step 1: Add a text layer to display the last code. If you use another coupon code layer on the post engagement screen it will pull in the same coupon code in the pre engagement screen. Thats why you need to use a text layer! 

Step 2: Add extra text, and another Close Button layer that's different from the first two if you prefer.


Step 3: Add in the rules you would like for this promotion in rules section and integrate your ESP if needed in the integrations section. Hit publish and you are all set! 

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