How to add and edit a Wheel O Fortune Plugin

Using fun methods such as a "spin to win" design can increase engagements by up to 50%. We designed this plug in for customers to add in to any promotion, follow these steps to add and edit the plugin! 

Step 1: In the design canvas, find the plugins layer and choose the Wheel o Fortune plugin addwheel.png

Step 2: Once the plugin is added, you will find options on the right hand side. The top option is ALWAYS the winning option. The reason we only have one winner is to avoid customers returning to the site when they find out they might have gotten a different or better code! winnngwheel.png

Step 3: Below the winning option you can set other non winning options to display in the wheelnonwinningwheel.png

Step 4: Next you can choose a wheel theme, multi colored or solid! themeoptionwheel.png

Step 5: Finally you can edit the color options. If you desire to edit the bold text that the winning options shows, you can edit the code by clicking "Edit Plugin Code". Simply change the two references of "bold" to "normal".


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    Is there a way to make this have multiple winning options instead of only one?

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    Hello Rob. 

    You bring up a great question that I'd love to address. The prebuilt was designed to avoid multiple winning options. This is because, customers are always wanting the best deal. If they spot that one person out beat them, you can bet a flood of emails demanding the same discount.

    To avoid this, we made it a single winning option with the ability to edit the winning discount and the other extra text info on the wheel. The rules on the promotion are set to help avoid multiple attempts from the same users. 

    Feel free to reach back out to [email protected] if you have further questions or concerns. Always happy to be of assistance. 

    Kind regards,


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