Apply Unique or Multi-use Coupon Codes to Unobar After Sign Up

HOW TO: After Email is Entered Show an Unobar That Displays The User's Unique Coupon Code For That Session

Ever get a ticket or support email from a customer asking for their coupon code because they misplaced it? To avoid that situation Justuno has the ability to push the [Coupon Code] field into any text layer within the promotion, or additional promotions (e.g. coupon code reminder message). Follow the steps below to use a dynamic variable assignment using curly bar brackets: 


Within a basic text layer to pull a coupon code that was presented prior, into a second promotion (The UnoBar Promo). 


Step 1: In your locked promotion, head to the post engagement screen and make sure that you have a Unique Coupon Box, also referred to as a coupon presenter layer. If you do not have one present, please add a unique coupon code layer to your post engagement and upload a list of codes by: Following This Article



Step 2: Open the design canvas editor on an existing UnoBar promotion that you would like to display the coupon code from the initial promotion, or create a new UnoBar promotion from scratch as shown: Here.

  •  Place the curly bar bracket enclosed variable {{code}} in any layer that allows for text input (including form fields is so desired, though there is a native auto-populate option for the coupon code: See Here)



Step 3: Head to the rules after you are satisfied with your design and open up the automatic rule that Justuno adds to all UnoBars by clicking action and then edit.


Step 4: If you do not want a customer to be able to close this UnoBar, remove the current condition



Step 5: Next add in a condition that will ensure this Unobar is only shown if a customer engaged with the pop up. My pop up is called "Click to Copy " so my rule would look like:



Step 6: If there are any other conditions you are interested in adding, please do. For example, if you would like to show this UnoBar only on the cart page if they've engaged with the pop up, set the rules as shown below. Then once you are finished editing the rules to your liking, hit save and you are all set!




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