Collect More Information From Customers Using Justuno

If you don't currently use an email marketing application, but still want to collect more than just an email from a customer now you can using Justuno!

If you do use an ESP and want to collect more than just an email, say first and last name, check out this article.

To set up a form in Justuno, follow the steps below: 

Step 1:

A: If you have an email field currently on your promotion within the design canvas, click on the email field and hit change form:emailchangeform.png


B: If you do not have an email field on your promotion find the Email Form layer under Add Layers:addemailformlayer.png


Step 2: On the module, choose custom formcustomform.png

Step 3: When the HTML add option appears, hit skipskiphtml.png

Step4: On the final step, you have the ability to add Single Line Text, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes and Select Boxes. All this information will be saved in Justuno, here is an article on where that information lives!newfields.png

Step 5: Once you are happy with the form, hit create form and you are all set!


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