Upgrade to the Google Analytics Dashboard

If your already an avid Google Analytics user, or even just getting started, our Google Analytics integration pushes all the important Justuno events already located in your Google account into our own dashboard! This makes it easier to get information on how hard Justuno is working for your site and where there might be pain points Justuno can help with! Make sure to check out the Google Analytics overview video after getting this set up!


Here is how to set up the new dashboard! 


Step 1: On your dashboard, hit the get started button: 

Step 2: A prompt will appear asking you to log in and allow permission from google to push information into our system! 

Step 3: If you have more than one Google Analytics account please choose the correct account for this Justuno account and you will now start pushing information from GA to Justuno!

 Check out the video below for a breakdown of data once you update: 


TAGS: getting GA installed, google analytics beta feature

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