What is our Profile Session Tracking Platform?


  • Discuss the current system
    • How it works
    • Its shortcomings
    • Goals of making it better
  • Discuss the new system
    • How it works
    • Why it’s better
    • How it affects you now & in the future
  • Discuss how this helps people
    • How it helps them now
    • What we can do in the future better now the new system is in place
    • Goals?

For the last six months we have been working on a more robust system to store user profile information. This is an exciting step forward for us as it is a significant improvement over our old system and opens up all kinds of doors for enhanced targeting rules, analytics and much more.


The current system keeps all Justuno profile data in a visitor's browser which has several limitations. This data could be lost or deleted at any time and the amount of data was quickly becoming a problem as client side data storage mechanisms have strict size limits. It also meant if a user changed browser our system believed them to be a new user. We also wanted the opportunity to do more advanced analytics such as looking at the engagement rate across all our customers to help us identify baselines for successfully campaigns on the platform. Without immediate and centralized access to all visitor data this was impossible.


Our new system aims to solve these problems by storing all visitor metrics on ours servers. This means it handles over 200 million unique profiles every month. We use a distributed database called Apache Cassandra which stores 4 copies of all our data in data centers in both Europe and the US making sure we have high availability and redundancy which is critical for making sure we always deliver the correct promotion to drive engagements for our customers. The Cassandra Cluster needs to support over 5 billion operations monthly and allows us to easily manage enterprise scale data.


This new system scales with ease and will allow us to add unlimited new metrics as well as get far more from our existing data leveraging the power of tools such as Spark. This will provide us with big data metrics and allow automated platform suggestions on when and where to target users while giving our clients better insights into customer behavior and trends than ever before.


This new system of centralized profiles also allows us to merge visitor profiles across browsers and even devices. Cross device tracking is done by hashing user data such as an email address and using this hash to match up to each device a user owns. In the long term we can use this data to build much more sophisticated visitor profiles than previously possible while providing more accurate data immediately.

We are very excited for the future of our new profile system and what it can add to the Justuno platform now and in the future. We know it will drive more revenue and more engagements to our customers than ever before.

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