What is a double opt-in and how can I set it up?

The double opt-in is a method that allows you to filter out email addresses that are entered into Justuno, or any other system that may be invalid or incorrectly typed. After the initial email address is received from the email capture pop up, your email service provider will then send a confirmation email to the address the visitor submitted. This is the second opt-in. The email contains a link which the recipient needs to click to confirm their subscription request.

Usually, we do not recommend this feature for our customers. The reason being is that 90% of customers will not follow through with the final opt in process thus potentially missing out on real emails that have been entered into Justuno.

For those of you with no email marketing application, Justuno does not offer a double opt in feature at this time.

This feature must be set up within your email service provider. Currently our API’s override ALL double opt ins. Along with the settings in your ESP, please be sure to use the Custom Form option and NOT an integration within Justuno.

(The image below shows where you can select the Custom Form option from. Please ensure you are clicking on your Email field to see the green "Change Form" option.)


Here is an article on how to add a form to a Justuno pop up. Below are a few article links for our top integrations that can walk you through how to set up the double opt-in setup process with the email marketing application. For those not listed below please review the support section for your email service provider! 

- Klavio  

- Mailchimp  

- Constant Contact 

- Bronto

- Eloqua 

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