Exclude Existing Subscribers: Klaviyo

Some Justuno customers do not want to show a lead capture to their current subscribers prior to Justuno being installed. With Klaviyo there is a cookie value which is placed on the browser which through a Javascript value we are able to track if a returning customer has previously entered their email. Please note, if a customer clears their cookies and cache this rule will no longer work.

If you use another email marketing company, most likely they place a similar style of tracking. We recommend that you reach out to their support to find out if this is the case!

NOTE: In order for this rule to function properly you MUST be running the Klaviyo tracking script simultaneously. To install the Klaviyo tracking script please reference the following article: 


Code to Add to Your Website

// Replace "YOUR_API_KEY" with your real API key.
async type="text/javascript"

Step 1: Create a Justuno Promotion, if haven't done so already you can follow this article for a basic email capture

Step 2: Head to the rules section, if you have a basic rule switch to advanced

Step 3: Add in a Javascript Value rule and place in:

_learnq.identify().$email != null && _learnq.identify().$email != ''

and change the rule to say "is equal to" "false" or "is not equal to" "true"


You may also use _learnq.identify() with other properties besides $email, if those properties have been pushed and are associated with that users session data already e.g.

_learnq.push that would enable tracking of $first_name and $last_name, should those properties actually be defined as such below, or by extension the field names within the Justuno Form Editor

// Identifying a person and tracking special Klaviyo properties.
_learnq.push(['identify', {
'$email' : 'thomas.jefferson@example.com',
'$first_name' : 'Thomas',
'$last_name' : 'Jefferson'

Step 4: Hit save and you are all set!