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What are the Different Types of Engagements?

Explains the difference between lead capture engagements and website messaging engagements

Impressions: When a user views a promotion.

ENGAGEMENT: Lead Capture
Engagement on a lead capture is defined as the desired action taken by the visitor (i.e. email submission or social action) to reveal the post-engagement screen (i.e. coupon code, content, etc.)

ENGAGEMENT: Website Messaging
Engagements on Website Messaging offers can be broken down into two types: “click” and “view”.

  • Click engagements are defined as a click made by the visitor anywhere on the pop up that does not close it, i.e. the user clicks to copy the coupon code, or clicks a CTA
  • View engagements are defined as website messaging offers that are center and full screen promotions only being open in front of a visitor for longer than 8 seconds before it is subsequently closed. 

If your promotion is a banner with no clickable actions, a view engagement will not be counted. 

If your promotion has clickable actions, a view engagement will also never be counted.  

Conversion: A conversion is counted when a user engages with the promotion and checks out, this can be within the same session or in the future. Additional information regarding different types of Conversions can be found here.

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