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Prebuilt Promotions

We're always updating our themes to match the seasonal mood; especially during the holidays. This article covers the steps you can take to select your desired prebuilt promotion.


1. The first step when implementing a promotion will be to create a new promotion and select the "Choose a prebuilt" option after entering a promotion name. 



2. Once you've initiated the promotion creation this will take you to the listing of available prebuilt promotions. 



3. From here, you will be able to select the drop down at the top to choose between the many themes we have available for our prebuilt promotions. 



4. Once you've selected a prebuilt you would like to add to your store, you will use the "Add This Now" button and this will take you to the Design Canvas to begin editing your new promotion using the selected template. 


Below are examples of the prebuilt promotions we have. During the holiday you can expect to see different ones.

promo email capturespin to win desktopspin to win mobilenew visitor promonew visitor promo mobilecart abandoner promo