How to Update your Billing

A walk-through on how to update the billing information on your Justuno account.


At a glance:

1. Instructions on Justuno Account

2. Shopify Billing

3. PayPal option

Last update 11/05/2021


How to update your billing information:

1. From your dashboard head to the settings section and locate Billing.



Update Billing details within Shopify

2a) Head to your Shopify account and access your settings, then select Billing

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2b) Then update the details from within your Shopify account

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PayPal option

You can now select your plan and pay with a credit card or link with the new PayPal option!

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To update the payment details if you pay with PayPal, head to your account and update the payments section:

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More details can be found on PayPal's support articles:

How do I change the payment method of a billing agreement, recurring payment, subscription or installment plan?


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