How to Recover Previously Saved Versions on your Promotion

Covers how to use Justuno to save and recover older versions of a promotion. There are three ways to recover: only the design, only the rulesets, or both.

At a Glance

  1. Introduction

  2.  How to Save a Version of Your Promotion

  3. How to Recover a Version of Your Promotion



Imagine working with a tricky ruleset, or elaborate promotion design, or both, only to find that you goofed up; instead of starting over from scratch, Justuno enables you to pull up previously saved versions of your promotion. However there's a caveat: the versions are not saved automatically; when saving your promotion, you have to name the version; if you skip the version naming step, then the version is effectively lost.  

How to Save a Version of Your Promotion

1. Save the changes to your current promotion, then publish the promotion.

Design Canvas: Save and publish a promotion

2. Name the version of the promotion, then click Save and Continue.

Design Canvas: Saving a version of a promotion

3. Congratulations, you have saved a version of your promotion. Now, decide whether to Activate the promotion or remain deactivated.

Design Canvas: Activation modal

How to Recover a Version of Your Promotion


1.   Head to the promotions area, and click the three dots next to the desired promotion, then click Recovery.   

Promotions area: how to access the recovery function

2.  Choose the Version out of the populated list of versions for the promotion.

Recovery Modal

3. After choosing the Version, under Recovery Options, choose whether to recover the Promotion Design Only, Promotion Rulesets Only, or Promotion Design and Rulesets. Finally, push Continue, then you are done. 

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