How to Recover Previously Saved Versions on your Promotion

How to save and recover previous versions of a promotion on Justuno.

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  How to Save a Version of Your Promotion

  How to Recover a Version of Your Promotion

Last update: 8/25/2021


Justuno allows you to save a version of your promotion to later be recovered if needed. The promotion must be saved after making an edit in order to recover it later. A promotion can be recovered with only the design, only the rulesets, or both. Follow the steps below to save a version of your promotion, or recover a previous version.

How to Save a Version of Your Promotion

1. Save the changes to your current promotion, then publish the promotion.

2. Name the version of the promotion, then click Save and Continue.

GIF of how to save a version for recovery


3. Congratulations, you have saved a version of your promotion. Now, decide whether to Activate the promotion or remain deactivated.

How to Recover a Version of Your Promotion

1.   Navigate to the Promotions area of your Justuno admin. Then click the Options menu on the right-hand side of the promotion you are looking to recover. The recovery option will be on the Settings tab.

GIF of recovery options for a promotion

2. Here you will find a list of the promotion's version history.

Version History for a promotion

3. After choosing the Version, you will choose whether to recover the Promotion Design Only, Promotion Rulesets Only, or Promotion Design and Rulesets. Finally, push Continue, then you are done. 

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