How to Add an Icon Layer to your Justuno Promotion

Introduces the idea of using icons and covers how to add an icon layer to your Justuno promotion


The amount of icons we see on a regular basis is astounding; take another look at your facebook profile and you will see what I'm talking about. They are ubiquitous, both online and offline. People cannot get enough of them. They augment the aesthetic of our websites and have the power to provide a better, more intuitive, user experience. Sometimes, however, we forget the reason behind using an icon, and that's when it becomes easy for icons to lose their effectiveness.  The primary reason we use icons lies in them being a common visual language that transcends language gaps. Additionally, icons create a visual cue for your audience to engage with your Justuno promotion.  Try to use the icons sparingly though; too many icons could overwhelm the user. Simple icons resize well on different screen sizes too; from desktops, tablets to smartphones.  Justuno features a plethora of icons that will serve a multitude of purposes. 


1. Head to your promotions area and click the paintbrush icon next to the desired promotion. 


2. Under Add Layer, find Icon Layer.



3. Once the layer has been added you'll find the editing options and different types of icons on the right-hand side.





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