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How to Add a Start and End date to your Justuno Promotion

Learn how to program your promotions to trigger around special holidays and more

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The start and end date option is available to present promotions for website visitors; this is a fantastic way to create promotions prior to a special event or holiday, and automatically shut them off when the special ends. For example, perhaps you're seeking to run a Black Friday 24 hour sale; through this feature, you have the ability to program the times well before the holiday occurs. In fact, you could hypothetically program hundreds of promotions' start and end times years into the future. Justuno empowers you to decide how and when your promotions will deploy, which gives you substantial peace of mind; it's just one way to optimize the automated power of Justuno; it saves your team time and resources. Set it and forget it indeed. 


1. Log into your account. Once in the dashboard, navigate to Promotions.

Justuno promotion dashboard

2. Once in the Promotions page, click on the Paintbrush icon next to the promotion you'd like to edit. 

Justuno promotion dashboard targeting the paintbrush icon


3. Once there, you'll find an area on the left, basic settings; there you will find date and time.

Visual aid for start and end time function within the design canvas

4. Remember: log in after the promotion expires to ensure you will have an overlay on your site

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