How to Add a Progress Bar to your Justuno Promotion

A progress bar gives customers a sense of urgency to check out; our plugins support this feature.


Are you having a hard time influencing your users to capitalize on your Justuno promotions? If not, then you have stellar users. For the rest of us, we will seek creative ways to influence our customers. Are you looking for a visual way to communicate a metric to your customers? A visual that's easy to understand and implement your Justuno promotion? A visual aid that Amazon, LinkedIn, and Box utilize with their product? Enter the progress bar: Good design has the power to turn the boring into engaging.  Progress bars are pretty powerful, but they are (hopefully) not the most exciting thing on your website. In essence, progress bars set the expectations of your users and give an impression of activity occurring on your website; it's a way of communicating with the user and being transparent. It's also a way to help users make a buying decision.  A progress bar says: hey there, you have a limited amount of time, or inventory left.  Feel free to use the progress bar to represent anything else.  Additionally, you have the option to edit the plugin code to your preferences; it's for the code-savvy, though.



1. Head to your promotions area and click the paintbrush icon of the promotion in question.

Justuno promotion section

2. Under Add Layer, click Plugins and then click the Progress Bar.

Justuno Plugin section within the Design Canvas


3. Once the progress layer has been added, you'll find the editing options and different types of bar skins on the right-hand side. 

Justuno Design Canvas targeting the Progress Bar Options


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