Collect More Information with Gatsby

The steps below will help with an alternative integration path for Gatsby. This path will help capture more information with your ESP/SMS provider.

Updated 6/21/2021

Getting started

  • Requirements: Access to your Gatsby account and your Justuno account
  • No developer required, and no need to add any Gatsby code directly to your website

Once the promotion has been created and the design has been set, you will be creating a new form within that popup that includes the Instagram handle field along with your Gatsby brand ID and. This may sound technical, but it's very simple:

Step 1: Find your Gatsby Brand ID

  1. Log into Gatsby
  2. Click Integrations in the header
  3. Scroll down and just take note of your Brand ID. You will need it later
    Brand ID screenshot


Step 2: Setting up Gatsby alongside an ESP

  1. With the details above saved, you can update the script below to carry the brandID within the quotes.  The code below will need to be added to the Popup JS section of the promotion in question. 
function ju_callback(t, email) {
if (t == 10) {
customFormData = {
"email": $('input[name="email"]').val(),
"instausername": $('input[name="instausername"]').val(),
type: "POST",
url: '',
data: customFormData

2.   With the new code applied and the override toggle turned green, you can now connect to your desired ESP. This can be done by adding a new email layer or clicking an existing field, and selecting "Change Form". You can review an example of this process here.  

3.   When offered to add extra fields to the form, you will need to add a single line text field for the Instagram user. The field must be labeled under "instausername". This will help communicate with the code above. 



4.    Once that form is saved, on the form submit the data will be passed to Gatsby using the custom code, and the proper field name above. It will also be sent the ESP the form is connected to.