How to Create an Age Verification Pop-Up

Covers the process for creating an age verification pop-up and how to change the age requirement

At a Glance

1. Introduction
2. Instructions

Last updated 8/27/2021


Great news, if you sell products such as vaporizers, wine, cigarettes, or other next-generation fun goods and you need a tool to verify the age of visitors or marketing leads. You can do this easily by adding an age verification pop-up form to your website with Justuno.


1. Head to your promotions section and click Create Promotion on the top right corner.


2. Select 'Custom Promotion, enter a name, and click Continue.


3. Choose Desktop & Tablet or Mobile, then choose what kind of display.

4. Choose 'Website Messaging' on the right-hand side.

5. On the left-hand menu select 'Age Verification', and then select your desired theme.

6. Select an audience.

7. Review pop-up, then save and publish or edit in the design canvas.

8. Ensure that the 'Close on Dim Click' setting is not enabled. This setting can be found in the left-hand menu under 'Overlay Settings'. This will ensure a user has to enter in their age and hit submit in order to enter your site.

If you are creating an 18+ promotion, stop here. You can update the age by clicking the Plugin Layer and opening the 'Other Options' section on the right-hand menu. Here you will find the 'Set the Age Requirement' setting. Publish your changes once finished.