Adding a Countdown Timer

A Justuno plugin feature that can help incentivize checkout by displaying a countdown timer

A countdown timer can be really beneficial for users who want to create a sense of urgency and make sure a user checks out then and there! The actual coupon code will not expire however for a user, seeing a clock count down urges them to pick their item and check out! Using this feature, can also give you the option to limit the time a user even has the ability to opt in to the overlay which would limit the number of users who sign up for a code that may have a higher discount then your usual overlay.

Here is how you can set this up:

Step 1: Head to the promotion you would like to edit and under the actions button hit edit design.

Step 2: Once you are in your design canvas find the add Plugin icon

click Plugins

Step 3: There you will find a a snippet called Timer. Click to add

timer snippet

Step 4: To edit the countdown clock head to the layer and make sure its highlighted then head to the right of the design canvas and you will find the timer settings, there you can also find different timer templates!

edit timer settings

Step 5: If you have some coding experience and would like more options, hit the edit plugin code settings on the right hand side!

Step 6: Once the settings are set to your liking, you can edit the text of the timer just as you've edited your text in the design canvas!


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