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Download and Upload Promotions into separate Justuno accounts

For multiple accounts seeking to use the same promotion on each of them; simply download the entire promotion and then upload it to the other account

At a Glance

1. Introduction

2. Export location

3. Import location


For agencies managing multiple accounts, it will prove advantageous to follow the instructions below; it saves a significant amount of time by avoiding the need to create the same promotions from scratch. When managing multiple accounts, have you ever seen one promotion from one account succeed and think it would work well for another account? What would your next steps entail? Do not, even in your wildest dreams, think about diving into the other account and attempting to re-create the promotion.

Imagine how much time and effort it would take to recreate a beautiful promotion paired with a complex ruleset. Even if you had the time, there's the possibility of accidentally creating an inaccurate rule. Justuno shines here by implementing this handy-dandy export/import tool for every Justuno promotion; empowering the client to create a carbon copy of the promotion and easily importing to another account.   




1. Export/download the promotion: hover over the three-dotted icon, next to the promotion in question, and then click Export. 

Screencast 2019-10-29 14-45-27

2. Here is where you can upload the promotion in a separate account:

Displays the location of the Import a Promotion button


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