Dotmailer Integration

Covers how to set up the Dotmailer Integration via Justuno



1. Enable your Dotmailer account for API transactions by adding a new API User and creating a Password. Save both values as they will be used during Step 3 in our Admin.

Create API User


2. Create a Dotmailer Email Marketing Address Book if you have not done so already.

Email Marketing Address Book


3. Copy the Email address as your Username.

4. Log in to Justuno and click "Promotions" and then select "Integrations", under settings, next to the desired Promotion.

Screencast 2019-08-28 08-12-31-1


5. Locate and click on the Dotmailer "Connect" button to launch the configuration options.
  a. Enter your API Username and Dotmailer Password.
  b. Select a Dotmailer list and click "Save".


6. Your Justuno will now sync new signups to your selected Dotmailer list as they come in.