Display the overlay when X amount is in your cart

Here I will walk through how to set up an overlay that will only fire if a user has X amount in their carts! This can be extremely useful if a user has a larger shopping cart and you want to push them to check out! You will need advanced targeting rules for this implementation.

Step 1: Add items to your cart, it doesn't matter what or how much.
Step 2: Head to the shopping cart and then "inspect element" on the total

inspect element

Step 3: Once you're in the inspector you'll need to find the order total amount. This might mean exploring the drop down menus. If you are having trouble finding the element use this article to guide you.

find order total

Step 4: Head back to Justuno and head to the promotions section. From there hit the "Edit Rules" section of the promotion you would like to be presented.

Step 5: If you have any other rules, delete them and then hit add new rule

Step 6: Under the technological rules find matching element and drag it over

matching element

Step 6: Using the class list you had found in your inspector create a snippet that will look something like this (based off of the screenshots above, your site WILL be different): .SubTotal.gtotal.Last .ProductPrice:sMore(50). Paste that into the jquery selector and you should be all set!