Custom Banner JS for websites with certain menu bars

Our banner tries it’s best to figure out when and what elements of your site to push down. With some menu bars for some platform themes there can be errors for example if there are any items the banner is pushing down that you want to stop then add the class “ju_stoppush” to those items. If there are any items you want to force it to push down add the class “ju_forcepush” to those items. We also have "ju_alternativepush". This can be used if you would rather it push an item down via a top margin style, instead of top style like (“ju_forcepush”) will. This will go in the Tab JS section of the promotion. You can reach this section by visiting the Custom Code section. You can locate the desired element on your site using the following article - Locating class or ID to use.


EXAMPLE CODE: jju('.Enter-YourClassHere').addClass('ju_forcepush');

EXAMPLE CODE: jju('#Enter-YourIDHere').addClass('ju_alternativepush');

EXAMPLE CODE: jju('#Enter-YourIDHere').addClass('ju_stoppush');






TAGS: banner not working, menu bar hidden, not pushing menu bar down