Conversio Integration

This document covers two routes steps to configure the Conversio Integration. One via the Design Canvas and the other via our new Setup Wizard.

Here’s a quick list of what we’ll cover in the article:

  • Connection to Justuno
  • How to a Select a List
  • Complete Form Setup


Justuno Account
Conversio Credentials

Route one via Setup Wizard

  1. Log in to Justuno and navigate to the Promotions tab.
  2. Click "New Promotion"
  3. Name the Promotion and Click "Get Started"

In the video above, we show a quick demo of the Setup Wizard. You will notice the following section in the video.

Select Integrations


Clicking Integrations will show the following:

Select Conversio


Log in Conversio

Once logged in, you can then proceed to the "Conversio Mailing List Selection" below.

Route two via Design Canvas

(works best if you already have a promotion to edit)

Edit Promotion Design

  1. Click the Promotions tab at top
  2. Click “Edit Design” next to the desired Promotion
Edit Design

  1. ADD/EDIT Email Form
    1. To ADD a new email form, select “Email Form” under the “Add Layer” option on the left side and drag it onto the Promotion Canvas. (If you have an integration set up in Step 3 of your promotion already, please disconnect it in order for the step 1 integration to work)

Add Email Form

Note: If you have an existing email field on the form, click "Change Form" on the right, then click "Change Integration" at the top if needed.

    1. Click the “Conversio” tile and authenticate.

Conversio Authentication

  1. Enter your Conversio user name and password in the dialog that appears and accept the permissions to allow Justuno to add contacts to your Conversio account.

Login Conversio

Conversio Mailing List Selection

Once authenticated, you will see your current Conversio Mailing Lists appear. Select one list you would like contacts to be added to or create a new one. The new one will be added to your Conversio account and will be available for immediate selection.

Select Conversio Mailing List


Conversio Field Definition

Conversio only supports adding email address to contacts at this time.

Enter Contact

Create Form

Once you have finalized the fields to use, click “Create Form” then arrange the fields are your promotion as desired.

Preview and Publish Your Changes

Once you have arranged all fields, be sure to SAVE and then Preview or Publish your Promotion.