Connect Justuno To SMSBump

Covers how to integrate SMSBump to your Justuno promotion

Requirements: What do I need to customize popups and get more ROI?

A Shopify store with Justuno and SMSBump installed.

Generate the Embed Code from SMSBump


1. To get the code, go back to your SMSBump app, click on Growth tools > Subscription form



2.  Press Create new and then Embed form.



3. In the top right corner, you will see a Show code button.



4. Click it and a pop-up window will show up. Select Justuno Integration to acquire the code you need to complete the integration. To copy it, simply press Copy to Clipboard.




5. Now that you have your code copied, go back to the Justuno dashboard and paste the code (right mouse click > Paste; Ctrl + V; Command + V) in the Custom-embed field.  Skip to step 6 in the next section.

Find field to paste the embed code

1. While in the Promotion Management View, navigate to the promotion you would like to connect with your SMSBump account. Click the paintbrush icon.



2.   If there is already an e-mail field present, click on the email layer and find Change Form within the right-hand toolbar options.



Click the Change Form button; it lets you set up your integration. 

3. Click Custom Form


4.  Delete the default Email Address Field.


5. Click the Custom Code option. 


6. Enter your SMSBump embed code.



7.  Finish the rest of the setup process! You have now successfully connected SMSBump to your Justuno promotion.