Collect More Information With SMSBump (SMS Integration)

How to integrate with SMSBump in Justuno and pass phone numbers collected from visitors.

At a Glance

  1. Prerequisites 
  2. Instructions


SMSbump can be utilized with Shopify stores only, please ensure you already have the SMSBump app downloaded on your Shopify store as well. This integration will only pass phone numbers but can be connected at the same time as your email service provider to collect more information in the same form. 

App listings


1. In promotion management, click the paintbrush icon next to the desired promotion.

Promotion page

2. If an email layer already exists, move to the next step. 

Within the design canvas view, find the Email Form in the layers area and click to add that layer to the promotion overlay. While either the Email Form field or the submit button field is selected, hit Change Form on the right-hand side of the editor.

Design Canvas

2. Click the Connect Provider tile to bring up the three types of providers integrated within Justuno, then click SMS Provider.

Connect Provider

Connect SMS provider

3.  Click SMSBump, then enter your credentials. You will then see this screen, which will add the phone number field to your form. 

Form Builder

4. Click Create Form and edit the design to your liking.

Final Form