Collect More Information with the Listrak Integration

Covers the Setup process for integrating Listrak with your Justuno Promotion

At a Glance

1. Locating the Client ID within Listrak

2. Instructions

3. Collecting non-email data with Listrak

Locating the Client ID within Listrak

1. Login to Listrak. 

Login page for listrak

2. Locate the Client Secret and ID. 


When Setting up New Listrak Integration

1.  Must set up for the EMAIL API 

Listrak integration type page

2. Check the boxes for Lists, Contacts, and Segmentation for the Access Level settings in the integration. And *Keep in mind if you wish to whitelist or IPS you must add our IP address in your Listrak integration. 

*Listrak requires clients to add our IP addresses in their integration section to whitelist. Our IP addresses are:




Instructions for integrating a Justuno Promotion to Listrak

1. In the promotions area, click the paintbrush icon on your desired promotion.

Justuno Promotions Page targeting Paintbrush Icon


2. Click on the email box, then click on the Change Form button. 

Design Canvas targeting email submission form


3. Choose Connect Provider 

Change Form: Connect Provider Option

4. Click Connect ESP Provider 

Change Form: Connect ESP Provider Option

5. Scroll down until you see Listrak. 

Integrations Page: Targeting Listrak

6. Enter your Client ID and Client Secret. 

Listrak Client ID and Client Secret Page


7. Choose a List.  

Email Lists Page

8. Done! You have successfully integrated your Justuno promotion with Listrak.  


Collecting non-email data in Listrak


Collecting SMS within Listrak

 In order to collect Phone numbers with the Listrak integration, set up a segmentation field group, and name it Phone with a capital P, or phone, all lowercased. The data type can be text or numeric.   Ensure that this field is connected to each list that you connect to the JU promotion. 



Collecting customer fields (e.g., Radio buttons and Checkboxes) 

In JU promotion, you would want to create a custom field or link up the radio button field, make sure that one set of radio buttons is in one field group. And use the same template from Listrak.

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