Collect More Information with Marketo Form Integration

This document covers the steps needed to configure the Marketo Design Canvas Integration

Here’s a quick list of what we’ll cover in the article:

  • API Credentials and connection to Justuno
  • How to Add Fields
  • How to Hide Fields
  • Auto-Populate Fields (Collect IP Address, Coupon Code, Current Website URL, Referring URL, Previous Domain Referring URL, First URL visitor landed on)


Justuno Account
Marketo Account, API Keys and Instance URL


In order to connect Justuno to Marketo, you will need to setup your API credentials and find your Instance URL.

Step 1 - Create API User Role

  1. navigate to Admin > Security > Users and Roles
  2. create a new Justuno API Role and assign ACCESS API permissions
access api

Step 2 - Create a new Justuno User Account that will access this role and has API ONLY access.
Users > Invite New User

select justuno api account

Step 3 - Create a Justuno Launchpoint Service and specify the API ONLY User that you created in Step 2.

copy client id and client secret

Step 4 - Copy Client ID and Client Secret

  1. After creating the Launchpoint service, click “View Details”
  2. Copy the Client Id and Client Secret for later use.

Step 5 - Locate REST Endpoint URL
a. navigate to Admin > Integration > Web Services and locate the highlighted portion of the Endpoint URL for later use.


copy endpoint url


Now that you have copied all the necessary API credentials, you can now start the Promotion configuration in Justuno.



Log in to Justuno

Navigate to and log in using your account credentials.

Edit Promotion Design

  1. Click the Promotions tab at top
  2. Click “Edit Design” next to the desired Promotion
edit design

  1. ADD/EDIT Email Form
    1. To ADD a new email form, select “Email Form” under the “Add Layer” option on the left side and drag it onto the Promotion Canvas. (If you have an integration set up in Step 3 of your promotion already, please disconnect it in order for the step 1 integration to work)

email form

    1. Click the “Marketo” tile to authenticate.

      a. You will be prompted to enter your API credentials.

enter marketo credentials

b. Click "Import API Key".

Marketo Mailing List Selection

  1. Once authenticated, you will see your current Marketo Static Mailing Lists appear. Select one list you would like contacts to be added to.
select list



Marketo Field Definition

We return a common set of Marketo Fields for you to use within the form. You can set additional options for each Field, such as Required or Hidden properties.

If you are sending information that does not require a user to fill anything out make sure the hidden setting is checked. We have added a few hidden fields that are commonly used:

  • Current url (the url a user is on when they submit the form)
  • IP address (the visitor’s IP address)
  • Coupon code (the coupon code they receive in the post engagement)
  • Referring url (the url the user clicked on to get to the new page in your website.)
  • Previous Domain Referring URL (the url of the last page)
  • First url visitor landed on (the url the user first landed on)

If you need a Field that does not exist, click “Add New Fields” to create a new one.

Create Form

  1. Once you have finalized the fields to use, click “Create Form” then arrange the fields are your promotion as desired.

Preview and Publish Your Changes

Once you have arranged all fields, be sure to SAVE and then Preview or Publish your Promotion.

Important Step: If you have an integration set up in Step 3 of your promotion already, please disconnect it in order for the step 1 integration to work.