Collect more information with CM Commerce

How to integrate Justuno and CM Commerce to pass information.

At a glance:

Last update 01/14/2022

TCPA Warning: Please note, to be TCPA compliant you must:
  • Display your SMS capture field on a different screen from your email capture field. *Please see How to Set up a Two-Step Form for instructions to display on separate screens*
  • Cannot require the SMS capture field, it must be an optional field
More information can be found  here


  • Justuno Account
  • CM Commerce Credentials


Edit Promotion Design

  1. Edit your promotion by clicking the paintbrush icon.
  2. ADD/EDIT Email Form. To ADD a new Email Form Layer, go to the left-hand menu and click Add Layer > Email Form. This will automatically launch you to our Setup screen.

    Note: If you have already had an existing Email Form Layer click onto the layer. Next, go to the right-hand menu under Form Options and click Change Form and this will get you to the Setup screen.


  3. Click Connect ESP Provider, search for CM Commerce (formerly Conversio), and click on it.
  4. Click on the three dots > Edit Credentials and click Login.

  5. Submit your credentials and click Log In. Then click on Authorize for the connection.
  6. Once authenticated, click Next. Select the List(s) where you would like the information/emails to be pushed. Once selected, click Next.
  7. A form will be generated from the associated List's fields, and can now be edited within Justuno's Form Builder.  Modify the form as desired then click Next
  8. Review the summary page, then click Create Form.

  9. Modify the promotion to your preferences and design. Now you are done!

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