Bronto Integration

How to set up your Bronto integration with Justuno



  1. You will need to generate an API Key to use with Justuno. Follow this link and
    click "Add Access Token"


  1. Enter Justuno into the API Token Name field
  2. Check permissions for Read and Write
  3. Copy the "Unique Identifier" (API Key)
  4. Now you have an API Key that you can use with Justuno, log in and click Promotions and then select Edit Promotion next to the desired Promotion. From there, you will go through the design canvas, click the email field, then click Change Form.  A video walk-through:


Screencast 2019-08-01 12-12-18

6. After clicking Change Form, seek the Bronto Connect button to launch the configuration options. Enter in your API Key, then select an email list. 


Your Justuno will now sync new signups to your selected Bronto list as they come in.