Accessing Billing Records and Consolidated Invoices

Provides step-by-step instructions on retrieving all Justuno financial records.

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Getting Started

Where to Access Billing History

Last updated 9/2/2021

Getting started

If you're an agency managing multiple accounts' finances, you will feel relieved to know that Justuno has developed an intuitive user interface to manage the sub-accounts on your system. 

If you are on Shopify Billing, you will need to find your invoices through Shopify. Here is a guide to help find this: Shopify Billing

Where to Access Billing History

Here's how to view billing history for the account that you are currently logged in

  1. From your dashboard, please head to the Account Settings and then click on Billing:
  2. Select Billing History
  3. From here you can view all the previous invoices and download them as needed


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