Billing Records and Consolidated Invoices

Where Can I Access Billing History?

Your billing history can be accessed from the main dashboard within "Account Settings". This article will provide step by step instruction on retrieving all Justuno financial records. The first topic discussed is in regard to viewing billing history for the current login account.

For Sub Account invoices, head to the next section.

Step 1:

From your dashboard please head to the settings section and find billing

Step 2:

Once you are in the billing section, hit billing history. Here you can download the all past invoices for the account that is currently logged in.

Billing History For Sub Accounts: Consolidated Invoices

To access invoices for your Sub Account users head over to "Account Settings" and from there select "Sub Accounts".

From the Sub Accounts settings panel you can access all aspects of any individual account, login, edit, as well as access their billing invoices. Navigating to the top right hand corner of the panel you will note the option to select in "Consolidated Invoices" a range of dates that correspond to billing cycles. Selecting one of these dates and clicking "View" will pull up a consolidated invoice containing a collated list of all invoices corresponding to that cycle for each Sub Account.

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