Automatic Integration with

Utilizing's web sdk, Justuno auto identifies and alias's your website visitors whenever an email is collected in a Justuno promotion

Justuno will instantly see if any if the apps exist on the website and if so, Justuno will attempt to communicate important information about the event to the app's via their native javascript SDKs. The following explains what happens when Justuno recognizes and begins to send data:

Justuno calls the following code each time an email is collected to push the details to Braze

appboy.getUser().addAlias(email, “alias_email”);
appboy.getUser().addToCustomAttributeArray(“source”, “Justuno”);
appboy.getUser().addToCustomAttributeArray(“campaign”, “Justuno - “+b);

Here is what the code above is actually doing:

  • First we identify the email to braze. 
  • We then add the email address as an alias to the braze profile.
  • We then add to attributes to the profile so that you can segment those profiles within your braze account;
    • source = Justuno
    • campaign = Justuno - [the promotion name]

There is the possibility that duplicate profiles can be created within braze for the same email address.  Braze allows this flexibility for various scenarios.  To stop this from  happening.  The website should make sure to call the following braze api endpoint whenever it also adds profiles with email addresses:

"aliases_to_identify" : "email@domain"