Age Verification Pop Up

Here are the steps to create an age verification pop up!

Step 1: Head to your promotions section and hit new promotion, then custom promotion

Step 2: Choose Unlocked offer

Step 3: Choose your design template

Step 4: Add a "Intro Tab" and delete all layers

Step 5: Add in the Plugin layer and find the age verification plugin

Step 6: Next add in an "intro continue button" and alter the text to say submit

Step 7: Make sure to unclick the "close on dim" settings under overlay settings, this will ensure a user has to enter in their age and hit submit in order to enter your site. Update the design to your liking and you are all set!

Step 8: If you are creating an 18+ promotion stop here. If you would like to change the date click the plugin layer and find edit snippet

Step 8: Find line 37 in the code and change the number from 18 to 21 or whichever age you would like to verify! Hit save and you are all set

TAGS: Age verification, 18+ promotion, 21+ verification, Age verification pop up