Adjusting a specific text layer's line height

These steps are used to to adjust the spacing between each line of text in a specific text layer


  1. Click on your desired Text Layer and click on the ‘Source’ button within the WYSIWYG menu.
  2. Add a unique div id at the beginning of the source code.
    Example: <div id="DivIdName">
  3. Add a closing div at the end of the entire section:
  4. Click ‘Ok’ on the bottom right to apply your changes
  5. Navigate to Custom Code > Pop Up CSS and apply the following CSS. Please update “DivIdName” to your appropriate Div ID value on line 1 and set your desired line-height value as needed. Additional information for line-height can be found here.

    Code below:
    #DivIdName {

     line-height: 1 !important;

  6. Turn on the setting labeled 'Override Default CSS' on the top right corner of the screen
  7. Save and Publish your changes