Adding a Countdown Timer

A Justuno plugin feature that can help incentivize checkout by displaying a countdown timer

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Features and Settings for the Timer

Last update 12/09/2021


A countdown timer is beneficial for users who want to create a sense of urgency. The actual coupon code will not expire, however, seeing a clock count down urges them to make a purchase. This feature also offers the option to limit the time a user has the ability to opt-in to the overlay. This limits the number of users who sign up for a code that may have a higher discount.


Step 1: Head to the promotion you would like to edit and under the actions button hit edit design.

Step 2: Once you are in your design canvas find the add Plugin icon

click Plugins

Step 3: There you will find a snippet called Timer. Click to add

timer snippet

Step 4: To edit the countdown clock head, highlight it, and then you will find the timer settings on the right-hand side. Here you can also find different timer templates.

edit timer settings

Step 5: Hit the edit plugin code settings on the right-hand side if you'd like to make custom changes.

Step 6: Edit the text of the timer just as you've edited your text in the design canvas.

Features and Settings of the Timer

  • Set Clock Face: Choose from a list of predefined clock-face styles
  • Show up to: How many digits you'd like to show on the timer. Choose from days, minutes, or hours.
  • Select Timer Method: Set how long the timer runs for, set a date when the timer ends, or reset daily by PST offset.
  • Time left: Enter the amount of time in seconds that this timer will begin with.
  • Remember time: Use if you'd like the timer to stay in sync with when the visitor initially saw the timer. Otherwise, it will refresh each time the user sees it.
  • Reset After Expired: Select this if you want the timer to restart when it reaches zero. 
  • Open Promo on Expired: Option to show a new promotion when the timer ends.
  • Close if expired: Close the popup when the timer runs out.
  • Timer Font Color: Color of the font on the timer
  • Timer Label Color: Color for the labels on the timer (days/hours/minutes/seconds)
  • Display Timer Labels: This shows the days/hours/minutes/seconds labels
  • Show Timer reflection: This shows a small reflect in front of the timer over the countdown, and disables labels.
  • Edit Plugin Code: Opens the Code Snippet Editor so that you can make custom changes to the plugin to suit your needs.
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