Add or Edit an Email Submit Field

Follow the directions below in order to add, or edit, an email capture field to start collecting emails on your Justuno promotion


Ready to start collecting emails from your Justuno promotion? This article covers the processes for adding an email submission form; it's as easy as pushing a button or dragging and dropping the feature. With the email submission field embedded into your promotion, you can then go on to setting up your Email Service Provider (ESP), or basic email setup. 


At a Glance

1. Instructions



1. Head to the design canvas for your desired promotion by clicking the options dropdown, and then Edit Design:

Edit Design Justuno


2. In the design canvas you have two options:

2A. If you do not already have an email field in your promotion find the email form layer and add it in.

Email Layer Justuno

2B. If you already have an email field but wish to change the options, find the change form options on the right.

Change Form Justuno


3. If you do not wish to collect additional information from a customer and do not use any of the email marketing applications listed in the module, choose "Custom Form", otherwise click Select provider to connect your desired ESP provider. 

Connect Provider Justuno


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