Abandon Cart Emails

While we can send an email when a user subscribes(more info here), abandon cart emails are a bit different. This is why we work with various email marketing system, such as Bluecore, Rejoiner, Bronto, Klaviyo and more, to help you send your desired emails.

One of our goals is to help reduce the emails you send by targeting visitors as they take the specified conditions across your site. As an example, if a user is attempting to exit, we can show them a popup if they have X in their cart. That "X" can be a few different options.

Below is a screenshot of the current cart rules we offer. Some sites will need to manually code in the cart code to help ensure these rules work(more info here). Not all rules below offer the options of item number, name, quantity, price, color, or size. Each rules is tied to a purpose, but will help when tied to exiting or other action rules.

cart and past order rules