Collect More with the Zaius Integration

Covers how to set up your Zaius Integration within your Justuno promotion

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How to find your Zaius API key


Last update 8/31/2021

TCPA Warning: Please note, to be TCPA compliant you must:
  • Display your SMS capture field on a different screen from your email capture field. *Please see How to Set up a Two-Step Form for instructions to display on separate screens*
  • Cannot require the SMS capture field, it must be an optional field
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How to find your Zaius API Key

1. Log into your Zaius account 


2. Find your Private API Key.



1. From the promotions area, click the Options menu on your promotion. 

Options menu

2. Click on the email box and then click Change Form. 

Change email form


3. Choose Connect Provider.

Choose provider

4. Click Connect ESP Provider.


5. Scroll to the bottom of the page, then click ZAIUS. 

Select Zaius

6. Enter your Zaius Private API Key.  

Import API Key

7. Choose a list. 


8. Done! You have successfully integrated your Justuno promotion with Zaius.   

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