A/B Testing in Justuno

The steps below will help explain how to set up an A/B test in Justuno


Step 1: Click on A/B testing from your dashboard

Step 2: Hit New A/B test

Step 3: Name the promotion and select desktop or mobile

Step 4: Select the dates you would like the AB test to run. We recommend to run a test at least two weeks, but a month will give you more data! 

Step 5: Select the A promotion to compare to the B promotions. You can select as many B promotions however only one A promotion. Please note, that our AB testing software does not currently test rules, the A promotions rules will override the B promotions rules

Step 6: Hit save and you will be all set! 


Troubleshooting tips: If the promotion you would like to choose are greyed out that is because they have been used in another AB test. Please archive the previous AB test with that promotion and you will be able to use the same promotion! 

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