Exit offer on Mobile

Follow the steps below or watch the video on how to set up an exit offer on mobile! 

How it works: we created a rule that only activates when a user clicks the back button within your site and they are about to leave to another site. This means that if a user is browsing your site, no matter how many pages they've viewed during that session, the overlay will trigger when they potentially are trying to go to a competitor or back to google from the page they landed on, not from ANY page they are on, only the landing page. 


PLEASE NOTE: This will NOT work with a current URL rule combination. For example adding in current URL contains cart and user intends to leave with back button will NOT work. Why? Because the technology works when a user is using the back button to leave your website, not using the back button anywhere. 



Step 1: Create a mobile promotion, check out this article to help you with initial set up

Step 2: In the rules section, step 2 of set up, add new rule

Step 3: Add in the "Exit with Back Button" rule and any other conditions you may want for the mobile exit offer. PLEASE NOTE: Using any URL based rules will NOT work, this is due to the fact that this technology only fires when a user is leaving your site and heading to another website. For example adding in "current URL contains cart" would mean a user would have to hit the back button from the cart page to google, or the previous website they were on which would be impossible! 



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    George K

    Doesn't seem to work with Android back button... Does it only work with on-screen back buttons like Apple has?

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    Hi George,

    Thank you for reaching out. I sent you an email to help review this a bit further. The back button targeting rule will work for both Apple and Android. 

    Kind regards,


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